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SEO Best Practices To Help You Rank In Google

By Mitchell Wong on 16 January 2021

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Efforts made in creating informative and creative contents are most valuable when there are engagements and it is through best practices that get you ranked on Google.


When you rank high on Google, it establishes digital authority and a dominant level of reliability, though this is an area that many are struggling with. No Traction = No Awareness. The most common advice is to target high-volume keywords and crafting clickbait titles and descriptions, so you must be looking for alternate solutions that help achieve your goal. 

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SEO Mistakes That You Must Avoid At All Times

By Mitchell Wong on 13 January 2021

SEO mistakes that you must avoid at all times


Ranking high on Google and appearing on its first page is not as easy as it once was. 


While SEO surely helps with gaining organic traction to your website, building trust and credibility, best practices are constantly being updated. So, if your team of creative marketing writers are not staying updated with the latest trends and are still making these SEO mistakes that are committed by many bloggers and businesses, it may probably take more than 6-9 months for you to notice any growth.


We are not saying that it is impossible to rank highly on Google, but what we will be sharing with you are SEO mistakes you must avoid at all times.

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Never Fail Again With These 8 Powerful SEO Content Writing Secrets

By Indraa Arasu on 04 September 2018

8 Future Proof Powerful SEO Secrets thumbnail

Ever wondered how to execute SEO content writing that ranks high on Google every time? This article offers a framework to rank written content high on Google every time.

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What is SEO? A Comprehensive Answer

By EuJin Kok on 30 August 2018

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SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the steps taken to get found organically on a search engine. Ideally, you want to rank on the first result of the first page of the search engine.

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