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SEO Best Practices To Help You Rank In Google

By Mitchell Wong on 16 January 2021

Blog[SM]-SEO best practices to help you rank in Google-08


Efforts made in creating informative and creative contents are most valuable when there are engagements and it is through best practices that get you ranked on Google.


When you rank high on Google, it establishes digital authority and a dominant level of reliability, though this is an area that many are struggling with. No Traction = No Awareness. The most common advice is to target high-volume keywords and crafting clickbait titles and descriptions, so you must be looking for alternate solutions that help achieve your goal. 

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SEO Mistakes That You Must Avoid At All Times

By Mitchell Wong on 13 January 2021

SEO mistakes that you must avoid at all times


Ranking high on Google and appearing on its first page is not as easy as it once was. 


While SEO surely helps with gaining organic traction to your website, building trust and credibility, best practices are constantly being updated. So, if your team of creative marketing writers are not staying updated with the latest trends and are still making these SEO mistakes that are committed by many bloggers and businesses, it may probably take more than 6-9 months for you to notice any growth.


We are not saying that it is impossible to rank highly on Google, but what we will be sharing with you are SEO mistakes you must avoid at all times.

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[Infographic] Inbound vs Outbound marketing - A Comparison

By Novelle Tham on 28 December 2020

Every business leverages on two fundamental marketing techniques in their operation: inbound marketing and outbound marketing.


Inbound marketing involves attracting and engaging new clients through quality content (e.g. blog posts), establishing a social media presence, using SEO to rank up the company website and more.

Outbound marketing on the other hand, is a more traditional form of marketing. Methods such as television ads to company calls and cold emails are a part of outbound marketing.

Both of these techniques have its benefits and drawbacks. Let's find out more about the difference between inbound vs outbound marketing:

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What is Customer Relationship Management (CRM) & How Does It Work?

By EuJin Kok on 23 December 2020


What is CRM? Why use CRM? How does it work?

In the marketing industry, customer relationship management (CRM) refers to the software used to manage interactions with customers in the past, present, or future. Knowing your individual customer's behaviours and psychology is a vital part of inbound marketing, and CRM is the tool every marketer should have.

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What Is Inbound Marketing: An Introduction

By Syira Junaidi on 16 December 2020


Inbound Marketing Launchpad - Attract, Convert, Close, Delight


Inbound Marketing is a marketing methodology that revolves around customer needs. Inbound uses techniques that make customers come to you, instead of you coming for them. The ultimate aim for inbound marketing is to create meaningful transactions that can sustain a lasting impact in customers' mind. 

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Build Effective Inbound Marketing Strategy With Email Marketing

By Indraa Arasu on 13 January 2020



Inbound Marketing Strategy with Email Marketing


In one of our previous workshops, a participant raised a question if email marketing is relevant in today’s marketing approach.  Another question asked was if attempts of email marketing are destined for failure as many perceive email from service providers or businesses as spam.


Before we dive into ways to effective inbound strategy with email marketing, let’s first look into if email marketing strategy is at all fitting for you. This is to clear doubts that you have which are similar to our participants. We truly believe that acknowledging consumer patterns are important. What may work in US or Singapore, may not work locally. This is due to many factors such as internet literacy, internet usage proficiency, and marketing technology adoption rate.

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What Is Content Marketing And How It Should Be Done

By Indraa Arasu on 13 January 2020

What is content marketing and how it should be done


We hear of content marketing more frequently now than we ever did before. No, it’s not new in the world of marketing but a rise in popularity is clearly observed, especially in the past 10 years. In Malaysia particularly, more and more businesses are paying attention and putting in increased intention into their content marketing efforts.

Do you ask yourself if your business requires content marketing? If energy and resources should be invested to create a content marketing strategy? If so, where do you even start?

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How To Never Run Out Of Ideas - A Content Generation Guide

By Indraa Arasu on 24 December 2019

A content generation guide, How to never run out of ideas


Are you hitting a brick wall when it comes to generating new ideas? Well, you’re not alone as running dry is a dilemma for many content creators. Maybe you’re uninspired or maybe you’ve run out of topics to create content from. Whatever the reason may be, fret no more as we’ve compiled this guide on how to never run out of ideas.

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Relationship between Inbound Methodology and Marketing

By Indraa Arasu on 12 December 2019


Relationship between Inbound Methodology and Marketing


Traditionally, one may understand marketing as a process of interesting prospects to buy a product or service offered. Here in Launchpad, we are believers in executing marketing the ‘inbound way’. Inbound marketing has a prime objective of creating a one-to-one relationship with its’ prospects by crafting content that aligns and fits the needs of prospects. Why is this necessary? Personalization is not just a fad but a necessity in ensuring the success of your marketing efforts. 

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Is Inbound Marketing a Good Fit For Your Business?

By Novelle Tham on 21 May 2019

Inbound marketing = success?

Inbound marketing is a great methodology to establish your business’ branding, generate qualified leads for your business, and to start a conversation with your audience and customers, among others.

Inbound marketing can be done by creating meaningful blog posts, infographics, and podcasts, establishing a strong social media page, search engine optimization and even by sending warm emails.

Before you embark into this form of marketing however, consider the following questions:

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