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6 Types of Emails to Best Engage with Your Marketing Contacts

By Claire Gunardi on 15 November 2023

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Digital marketers often put a lot of resources and emphasis on social media or advertising. While these content types and channels are vital for a marketing campaign, it’s worth also looking at email marketing as well. Emails are just as relevant for both B2C and B2B campaigns


Of course, before any email marketing campaign can happen, you must gather leads in the form of segmented email contacts. You can collect leads through surveys, gated content such as ebooks, giveaways, and many more methods. Once you have a list, you need to segment them into relevant categories according to how you’re structuring your CRM. 


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But what sort of emails should you send? What type of content best fits the stages and actions of your subscribers? Let’s take a look at some types of emails that can ensure engagement with your marketing leads. 


1. Newsletter

When you think of email communication, newsletters may be the first thing that comes to mind. This is the primary email communication strategy for a lot of business. Newsletters can cover many topics and interests, and are versatile enough that they can be used for both B2C and B2B audiences. 


For B2C subscribers, newsletters range from exclusive deals and promos to brand story and engagement-oriented content. Whereas for B2B subscribers, newsletters can be a way to nurture leads, provide useful updates, and giveaway offers and irresistible deals. The tip for a good newsletter campaign is to stagger them appropriately. You don’t want to spam your subscribers’ inbox and become a bother to them. 


2. Welcome Emails



Newsletters are fun to do, but have you considered a welcome email? This type of email is the first contact your business and brand has with a new subscriber once they sign up. It usually comes before the newsletter to onboard and brief the subscriber about what they can expect. You can also include many helpful intros and links to guides in the welcome email. 


Welcome emails can be helpful to gauge your new subscriber’s reactions. If they open the welcome email, chances are high that they will also engage with your next email. 


3. Drip Emails

Drip emails are a set of pre-written emails that are automatically sent after a specific action is triggered. For example, a set of drip emails can be triggered when a subscriber first submitted their email address. This can include a welcome email and other relevant content that are set to be sent after a few days or so. Drip emails are set through an automated system such as HubSpot. 


Drip emails are useful because they help you stay on top of your subscribers’ minds in the first few days or weeks after signing up. For a drip email campaign that gives results, ensure that there is an objective and something relevant and worthy at the end of drips. 


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4. Re-Engagement Emails

Got a segment of subscribers ghosting you? They do not seem to open recent newsletters or be responsive lately. So it might be a good idea to send a re-engagement email to check on their status. You can ask if they’re still interested in receiving your emails. You could also use this chance to entice them back with lovely offers. This keeps your email contact list healthy when you segment the active subscribers from the non-responsive ones. 


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5. Review & Feedback Requests

This type of email is best sent right after a purchase or a visit to your physical location. Review emails are helpful for a variety of reasons, especially for businesses who want to learn more about their customers. Avoid making the survey too long-winded, keep it simple with straight-forward buttons and links! 


6. Cart Abandonment Emails

Shopping Concept - Small Flag on a Map Background with Selective Focus.


For many B2C and e-commerce sites, cart abandonment is a normal thing. You have shoppers who click ‘Add to Cart’ before going M.I.A for a variety of reasons. This is where Cart Abandonment Emails can be useful. This type of email reminds them of their purchase and helps to secure missed deals. Bonus: add a special limited-time discount on this type of email. It’s a great nudge for hesitant buyers.   



As with anything we do in marketing, your email campaigns must be planned carefully with a clear objective and end-goal. Why are you sending these emails? Is it to increase online sales? Website traffic? Or to push for a physical event/webinar? Once planned and executed, remember to monitor vital metrics such as open rate, click through rates, and more. 


These types of emails are just a few in a collection of creative and engaging content for marketing contacts. Try out with HubSpot Marketing Software for a smoother email campaign management, integrated with your other channels and even sales funnel! .



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Author: Claire Gunardi

Claire is an aspiring creative writer and visionary. When not writing, Claire likes to draw cacti, read about intersectional identity and oppression, and learn how to bake.
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