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5 Innovative Email Marketing Content by Malaysian Brands

By Claire Gunardi on 22 June 2022

Email Marketing


Emails are so simple to do. With a few clicks of a button, you can send out a quick email to more than one recipient across borders and time zones. Yet, generating good email content and planning a good campaign can leave you scratching your head. And don’t even start with the conversion rates! 

The average click-through-rate (CTR) in 2021 was about 15%, which did increase since the years prior, but isn’t big enough to convince the executives on the ROI of your email campaigns. In Malaysia, email marketing is still in its infancy. A lot of brands and businesses are not maximizing the power of emails and how they can retain customers, boost conversions and increase awareness. 


However, some Malaysians are doing email marketing the right way. Here are some of our best picks that showcase how it’s done. These email campaigns have something we all can emulate and learn from, so let’s jump right in:

1. Signature Market - Promotional Email 

Email Marketing 1


To start off, we’re loving the email subject title. Who doesn’t like free gifts? This Malaysian brand managed to win the attention of the reader by stating what’s in it for them from the get-go. Moreover, they also set a time limit on the promo to induce a sense of urgency for their recipients and encourage them to convert sooner. 

Email Marketing 2

Going towards the email copy, Signature Market touches on their empathetic side by using words like ‘Giving the best to your body, mind, and spirit’. It’s an effective angle to use since readers would appreciate being understood and cared for. The whole message of this email tells the reader that the brand’s products and offers can help them achieve health and wellbeing. This is one great way to use email to connect to the customer’s needs on an emotional level.    

2. OxWhite - New Arrival Product Offering

Email Marketing 3

Using the copy ‘Bathroom Party’, this Oxwhite email already wins attention and leaves the reader wanting to know more. This particular email blast is announcing a new product offering, which is their bath towels. But they manage to make the offering looking comfortable and exclusive by using artistically-styled images and relevant copywriting. Readers are drawn to click and see more of this new product on their website, which increases CTR. 


Email Marketing 4

3. Lalamove - Informing a New Procedure 


Email Marketing 5


During the Malaysian Movement Control Order (MCO), a lot of logistics services had to adapt to safety procedures to reduce the spread and transmission of the coronavirus. Lalamove was not excluded from having to change a lot of how their deliveries are made. So, they needed a way to communicate to their customers on the new procedure that would be easy for them to read and understand.  

This email was thus sent to inform and educate Lalamove’s customers on a safe way to receive and deliver goods. The layout and graphics are simple and straight-forward that it helps the audience to visualize how the new delivery procedure will be conducted. The infographics included also has all the relevant information on what the customer should know. 

Not to forget, a call-to-action (CTA) button; “Place Delivery Order Now” was also added at the end of the email. CTAs are immensely important to emails to encourage conversion. Here, customers are invited to experience the newest contactless delivery safely. 


Email Marketing 6



4. BungkusIt - Crisis Management


Email Marketing 7
Emails can be very helpful to spread new promotions, product launches and new information. But it can also be used to foster credibility and rebuild trust amidst a bad PR moment for a brand. Take BungkusIt, a food delivery service in Malaysia, for example. After complaints on the confusion caused by their food riders, the brand sent out an email to first formally explain what happened, and second to assure customers that they’re working on it. 


We applaud the company’s ability to admit their error and then provide an update on how they are resolving the issue. Not resting on mere lip service, they also offer promo codes to win back customers and demonstrate their apologies.  


Malaysian businesses can certainly learn from BungkusIt and strive to be more transparent and responsible. With email marketing, crises can be managed and averted when done right! 


5. Perromart - Abandoned Cart Emails

 email marketing 8



Perromart is a Malaysian online store that sells a wide variety of pet food and accessories. This email shown is an example of an 'Abandoned Cart Email,' which is an effective strategy for brands to re-engage customers and close more sales. This type of email is automatically sent when a customer leaves the website or online store without checking out the items they’ve clicked ‘Add to cart’.

Abandoned cart emails can work wonders to remind customers of their items and to ensure more sales are closed for the online vendor. And for some emails like Perromart, they even offer a discount code to win back customers.  

On average, abandoned cart emails have:

  • 41% more open rates 
  • 8% more CTR
  • 10% more sales conversion 


Email marketing can be a powerful strategy in your marketing arsenal. With engaging and relevant content, good designs and layout, and timely delivery to the right recipients, emails are worth the effort when done right. 

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Author: Claire Gunardi

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