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5 Ways How HubSpot Amplifies Inbound Marketing for Your Business

By Syira Junaidi on 04 May 2021

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We now know that inbound marketing is a great methodology that fits into the modern, digitally connected customer. But did you know that for inbound marketing to work to its fullest potential, you need software and automation to do more things and maximise your chances for positive results?


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Enter HubSpot Marketing Hub, one of if not the best marketing software for inbound marketing.


As a marketing software, HubSpot has plenty of features that help marketers to plan, execute, monitor and optimise campaigns and plans. From easy landing pages and forms, custom reports, workflow automation and more, HubSpot Marketing Hub is the tool for every serious inbound marketer.


Let’s explore how HubSpot helps your business in-depth:


1. Collaboration Made Easy


HubSpot is cloud-based, which means all you need to do to access it is your laptop and good internet connection. It also means that your teammates are able to work on the software wherever they are. Different team members can now work on inbound marketing projects and campaigns without the need to send files, spreadsheets and contacts over email or texts.  


And don’t worry about security. HubSpot has various levels of security settings to ensure that only authorised team members can access certain data. Your inbound campaign can run smoother now that everyone can work together and more efficiently!


2. Integrated Tools in One Platform


If you’re in a work process that involves multiple software and applications, you know how frustrating it can be to do manual data transfer, remember multiple passwords and IDs, and so much more tedious work. On HubSpot, apps and tools can be integrated so the same database can be used for a smoother work process.


For example, HubSpot CRM is automatically integrated with HubSpot Marketing Hub, so you can work on the same contact list for your inbound marketing campaigns. There are plenty more apps that HubSpot is able to integrate with, such as Shopify, Gmail, Wix, Eventbrite, SurveyMonkey, and more. 


How does HubSpot integration benefit you:

  • Smoother work process
  • Save resources on acquiring more apps and software
  • Save time from manual data export and transfer
  • Hassle-free with an all-in-one platform

3. Access to Rich Knowledge Base



Another way HubSpot can help your inbound marketing efforts is through its rich knowledge base. Under HubSpot Academy, there are hundreds of courses with certification that can upskill you and your team. There are also thousands of blogs, guides, templates and resources to help you gain more perspective in your marketing strategy.


You could also mingle and network with other inbound marketers through the HubSpot User Group, which has chapters in major cities, including here in Kuala Lumpur! All these knowledge bases are provided by HubSpot to ensure that your inbound marketing is done using only in the best possible way.


4. Real-time Reporting & Monitoring

In inbound marketing, customer data and behaviour is essential to determine the next steps in a campaign. HubSpot has a reporting feature that provides information such as web and blog analytics, lead nurturing and social metrics and other vital inbound marketing numbers. By having a helicopter view of the reports, you are able to monitor and optimise better in achieving your inbound goals. 


Best of all, you can customise the analytics dashboard of each project and campaign to focus on the specific numbers that you want to monitor. HubSpot’s user interface made it easy for you to customise reports.


5. Smoother Customer Experience

Imagine emails, alerts and notifications are automatically sent to your customers without you having to manually do it repeatedly. HubSpot has a helpful feature where you can set an automated workflow that triggers action whenever your leads or web visitors do a specific action. 


For example, you can set that whenever a lead downloads a content offer, they will receive a special email talking about said offer. You can also set blog alerts, live chat, pop-up forms and more with HubSpot. All these increase the customer experience of your website, improve web traffic and increase chances of SQL. HubSpot helps marketers to nurture customers at each step of the way using the inbound method in all its best forms. 




HubSpot is a comprehensive platform that provides all that you need to get started with inbound marketing the right way. The cloud-based software works for both experienced marketers and those new in the field.


As the 1st HubSpot Platinum Solutions Partner in Malaysia, we’re proud to have helped clients be better at inbound marketing and get a better understanding of their target audience. Start with the perfect tool today! 


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