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5 E-Commerce Strategies to Quadruple Your Sales This Year

By Shannon Piong on 03 March 2021

5 E-Commerce Strategies to Quadruple Your Sales This Year


The e-commerce platform is done, the inventory accounted for and your team ready. Your new venture is ready to go.


Or is it?


To ensure your business takes off successfully, it is important to have well-thought-out e-commerce strategies that will help you cut through the clutter, grab the attention of the consumer and convert these customers into a sale.


Wondering how to do that? Keep reading for the complete guide on quadrupling your sales this 2021.

You Need Email Marketing


Using emails to generate sales isn’t new but in recent times, it has been discarded in favour of other e-commerce strategies. However, when it comes to quickly and cost-effectively reaching out to a mass of consumers, email marketing remains undisputed.


By using emails to remind shoppers of their abandoned shopping cart, recommending products through email newsletters and emailing coupon codes, your business can quickly increase revenue and build a loyal customer base.


Some examples include:


1. Promotional

Fav promotional email

  • Using emails to raise awareness on new promotions and products


2. Transactional

Transactional email DHL

  • Updating the customer with information on a particular transaction


3. Lifecycle email

Forever 21 promotional email

  • These are automated emails that are sent out depending on the consumer’s behaviour and action


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Use Keywords and Concise Product Descriptions


Informative, enticing and most importantly, optimised, product descriptions can drastically help your business increase sales and are among the more underrated e-commerce strategies.  


To begin, find keywords that are related to your products but aren’t too broad. For example, if you are selling a gold watch, be more specific than simply adding “gold watch.” What is the brand? Does it have any particular features like water resistance? What is the watch size?


Google keyword planner is a great tool for formulating keywords. Choosing the right keywords to use in the product description will make it easier for customers to find the right product. Moreover, Google will be able to find it easily too, ensuring you rank higher which in turn increases clicks.


Social Media Is Essential Today


Social media is truly the most important of all e-commerce strategies. The ability to directly talk to your consumers, direct them to a new product and encourage a sense of friendliness is crucial to increasing sales, if done right.


A complete presence online includes direct selling on social networks and creating opportunities for customers to share products with their friends. This could be encouraged by adding share icons to each product page.


For businesses just starting, it is recommended that you begin with a few channels, namely Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Do create a social media guideline on image colours, copy tone, and other details that will allow you to have a consistent tone.


Whatsapp brand guideline


Uber brand guideline


It goes without saying that increasing your followers remains one of the main objectives of your social media presence. One recommended technique to do so is to have pre-orders as well as discounts on products that are only available on specific social networks. Your posts must also attempt to create conversations and encourage engagement with your brand. This includes competitions that offer prizes to those who tag their friends and share the post.


Determine the best time to post online and take the time to include high-quality images as well as your business logo to every image - this will assist in unifying your brand and increase brand awareness.


Seek Feedback


The internet has given consumers more options and opportunities than was ever possible previously so your business simply cannot ignore customer feedback anymore.


Hotjar seek feedback


There are five main ways in doing so:


  • Reaching out individually
  • Conducting feedback surveys
  • Including feedback boxes on the website
  • Analysing user activity on the website
  • Monitoring activity on social media


When requesting feedback from consumers, make sure that the questions create an opportunity for free-flowing responses rather than blanket Yes/No answers.




Don’t ask ‘why.’ Instead, ask ‘what.’


As an example, ask, “What could be better at the company?” rather than “Do you have any annoyances?”


The former encourages the customer to provide a more honest opinion of what they think.


Run Google Shopping Ads

Promotion laptop desktop


Google is easily the go-to for anyone on a shopping spree. The Google Shopping tab makes it easy for a consumer to find a comprehensive list of all products related to his or her query. For e-commerce marketers, this could be one of the best ways to increase exposure to their products and site.


The key to success is optimisation. Set up an e-commerce tracking mechanism, monitor revenue from each product and prioritise products that are doing well. You can do this by reducing the budget from less-performing products and moving it to products doing better.


As the global e-commerce industry rapidly grows, the competition continues to get tougher. Developing a multi-channel marketing strategy using the e-commerce strategies laid out above can go a long way in establishing your presence and building a strong brand market online.


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Author: Shannon Piong

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